NJ Premiere of “Meian” (Two Faces) with pipa virtuoso Min Xiao-Fen and the energetic Sirius Quartet and friends in Tan Dun’s masterpiece “Ghost Opera” was performed on April 6, 2013 at the Westminster Arts Center, Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ.

The evening of exciting Physical Drama and Live Music featured world-acclaimed, Golden Eagle award winner and NY Emmy award nominee Yass Hakoshima. Meian was set to the intriguing live music of Tan Dun’s masterpiece “Ghost Opera”, in “Meian” Yass Hakoshima explores aspects of the light and dark sides of human nature and combines his uniquely personalized style of movement theatre in an interdisciplinary collaboration with the young, energetic Sirius Quartet and pipa virtuoso Min Xiao-Fen.

The NY Times commented… “Mr. Hakoshima is a strange wonder, while his training with Erick Hawkins and Etienne Decroux is present, he has clearly taken the best of each to create a style suffused with humor, pathos, gentleness and precision that remains entirely his own.”

One of the few mime artists exploring abstract, non-narrative work, Hakoshima views his eloquent physical movements as the visualization of the intense live musical accompaniment.

Lighting design by Alisha Stauss.